About Me

While I have always loved clothes, shoes and accessories…this passion was taken to a whole new level when I became a mom to a little girl in 2005.  Her hair was adorned with bows bigger than her head, starting the day she was born!  Ruffles and lace, and all things hot pink, were considered play clothes!


In the summer of 2006, I visited Paris, France with my sister and our 5 children.  As we stood “Under the Eiffel” tower, taking in the moment…I began to notice how many people would approach me and tell me how precious that my little girl looked.  I’m sure it was because she was in the company of 3 rowdy little boys…but the different languages being spoken to me about my daughter, caught me off guard.  I thought, here I am in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and all these people are interested in, is this big bow on my daughters head!  I decided right then and there, that if I ever opened a boutique, I would name it “Under the Eiffel”…which to me, means…”beautiful” in every language!


My goal is to provide my customers, both women and children, with the latest trends in clothing, at a price that still allows you the opportunity to make the world your playground!  I hope that you and your children enjoy wearing these clothes and accessories that are picked out with love!  And I’m sure…without a doubt…you will look “beautiful in every language”!


XOXO Love, Jennifer